About us

At ZEITDICE INC. we believe that some important stories emerge over days, weeks, months and years, and that those stories cannot be adequately told due of the lack of capable devices. That's why we have made it our mission to invent easy to use tools and services that enable people to capture time easily as well as study it, share it and experience it in a truly revolutionary way. 

Since 2015 we have invented the ZEITDICE timelapse photography camera that makes it super easy for anybody to capture long periods of time and experience the fascinating stories that are revealed by our devices.

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Who We Are

Our team consists of people fascinated by time and who want to introduce society to technology that allows better understanding of the changes in our world.

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Michael Schwanzer

Michael Schwanzer - Founder & CEO

Matt Caissie

Matt Caissie - Sales & Marketing

Charles Han

Charles Han - Operations & Engineering

Dr. Steve Mann

Dr. Steve Mann - Chief Scientist

Simon Repp

Simon Repp - Software Development Lead

Xingyu Zhou

Xingyu Zhou - HW & FW Engineer

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The Early Days

ZEITDICE INC. was founded in Toronto, Canada on September 21st, 2015 after a few years of prototyping in a basement. See below some iterations we went through. 

Zeitdice prototyping


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Contact Us

Email: info [at] zeitdice.com
Phone: +1 647 865 0172