This is what a timelapse
camera should be.


Why capture a moment when you can have it all.

An amazing sunset that lasts an hour, a 3 month long art project, an afternoon family gathering, a meteor shower, the construction of your new home - the best stories unfold over hours, days, months and even years.

Capturing these stories with timelapse photography using traditional DSLRs or action cameras is cumbersome and requires the lengthy use of your equipment for less than perfect results.

With its easy to use 1-button setup and magnetic mounts, setting up your ZEITDICE timelapse camera takes only a few seconds and it can be mounted almost anywhere.

Edit, trim and transform your story into a stunning, short, timelapse video easily with ZEITDICE’s ZEITmachine software and instantly share it with the world.


  • Full HD Camera

    1/2.5-Inch (4:3) 5MP CMOS Digital Image Sensor
    Active Pixels: 2592H x 1944V
    Pixel Size: 2.2 x 2.2µm
    Superior low-light performance

  • Wide Angle Fixed Focus Lens

    Maximum 150º FOV
    F/2.8 aperture
    Low Distortion

  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

    Built-In rechargeable 3,000 mAh battery via mini USB connection. One charge typically lasts 1 to 3 months.

  • Customizable camera settings

    Adjust the interval and exposure time.

  • Connect to smartphone app

    Connectivity via Wi-Fi [802.11b/g/n], Bluetooth 4.0

  • HDR

    Offers the latest in High Dynamic range technology.

Software designed for timelapse

Software designed for timelapse

Apply a filter, create a mosaic or remove unwanted photos quickly and easily with the ZEITmachine software. It allows you to quickly edit and create mesmerizing timelapse videos that are instantly shareable on social media.

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What is the difference between the ZEITDICE 1.0 and the ZEITDICE 2.0?

Both versions of the ZEITDICE provide stunning 5 MP stills that turn into mesmerizing 1080p HD videos. Unlike the ZEITDICE 2.0, version 1.0 has a smaller battery, no WIFI, Bluetooth or Smartphone connectivity and is not weatherproof. The ZEITDICE 1.0 ships in 6-8 weeks after it's order date and the ZEITDICE 2.0 will ship in April 2017.

I’m a professional photographer, are all the camera settings customizable? Will I have access to the RAW files?

When you connect a ZEITDICE to a PC or Mac the RAW photos become available as the ZEITDICE turns into an external mass storage device. While on it, a settings file can be edited to fine tune interval, shutter, gains, etc.

The ZEITDICE doesn't have a viewfinder, how do I position it?

Simply connect the ZEITDICE 2.0 to your smartphone via WiFi or Bluetooth and use the viewfinder on the app to see exactly where your ZEITDICE timelapse camera is pointed. Since the ZEITDICE 1.0 does not have WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity you have 2 options: 1) mount the ZEITDICE 1.0 and take a few pictures, connect the ZEITDICE to your computer and check the images or 2) attempt to look exactly where the ZEITDICE 1.0 would be mounted and adjust accordingly.

Do I need to have advanced editing skills to create mesmerizing timelapse videos?

No, the ZEITmachine software is intuitive and easy to use. The software instantly creates a timelapse video of the most recent footage. Any additional editing or special effects usually take less than a few minutes. All videos are instantly shareable on social media through the ZEITmachine interface. Advanced features are available to professional users.

Will the ZEITDICE software be updated? New Features added?

Yes, we are continuously enhancing the ZEITmachine software and ZEITDICE app to include new features that will allow you to do more with the footage from your ZEITDICE timelapse camera. We also update the camera’s firmware from time to time and updates are automatically pushed to the device when it is connected via USB to your computer.

What is the ZEITDICE exchange policy?

If you are not satisfied with your ZEITDICE timelapse camera, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days. Send an email to requesting a refund and return it to us within 30 days of your email in its original packaging and condition.

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